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Are chalk drawings anti social behaviour?

Are chalk drawings anti social behaviour?

We have been running play sessions on the Boundary estate since March 2011 some of the courtyards are car free and great places to play. Children meet up and ride their bikes and scooters here. Once a week Playworkers bring extra resources to extend the playful opportunities.

This week they brought some chalk. We know its okay to use chalk as we checked with the housing manager, Mushtaq, he has been supportive of the play sessions and told us no-one in the block has complained.

This is not always the case one space we did playwork sessions the children used the chalks and we did get complaints. The housing manager complained to the PATH team and a parent felt it set a bad example for older children who would graffiti arouind the estate.

What do you think? Brightens up the grey tarmac or anti social leading to graffiti? Send us an e-mail and let us know.

October 14th 2011
A story by Eleanor Image about Boundary estate. It is a 'Experiences' story
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