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Playable space round The Hut

Playable space round The Hut

Playable space at The Hut

On Sunday March 24th local people came to see concept designs done by PLAYLINK for the green space at the Hut. Both adults and children looked at the range of ideas and had comments to share that will help towards the final designs.

'My little brother will want to play in the sand and babies like sand'  thought Yusuf

'The plans seem positive, include the teens on the estate don't exclude or just tolerate'  said Asma

'I like the seat round the tree and raised planters' says Kate

Maysha likes the swing more than the tree for climbing, Yaseen, her brother prefers the tree. Daisy likes the hammocks and water, Saimah prefers the swing to hammocks, Safwa likes the plan with the most things in and her Mum, Shopna, suggests moving things around to be more visible. All the children love the sand.

People raise concern about dogs, councillors drop in and say they think this is great, people bring cake and Daisy wins the clock in the raffle. It has been a really good session.

We are aiming to have this space finished by mid July, everyone will enjoy the garden and children can play out more on long summer days, with the snow falling outside that is something to really look forward to.

March 28th 2013
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