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Play Champions out and about in London

Play Champions out and about in London

Play Champions are out and about in London

The Play Champions at The Hut are a dynamic bunch with lots of ideas about places we could go and things to do during school holidays when its warmer.

Okay so February is not the warmest month but lets do a trip thought the Keep Playing team and as London is all around us lets do some thing kind of local. 2 Mums, a Nan and a couple of Dads joined us for the outing and we ventured out via the London overground and Docklands Light Railway to the River Thames.

Once at the bottom of the Isle of Dogs you can walk, although we ran, through the foot tunnel under the Thames and to Greenwich where we went on the Cutty Sark which smelt like tea. The sailors were of shorter build than today as their cabins had very low ceilings and the bunk beds were nearly too small for some children.

We got a river boat down to the Tower of London and rode on the top deck despite the fresh breeze, we passed beaches and a pirate flat on the way to the Tower. Having sampled some super thick hot chocolate outside the Tower we made out way back to The Hut full of inspiration and ideas for our next trip.

See the photos on our flikr site.


March 4th 2013
A story by Eleanor Image about London. It is a 'Events' story
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