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Play Pod

Play Pod

The Play Pod is a thing of mystery. Looking like a green shipping container or a green tardis it lives in Mile End park next to Solebay bridge. It appeared in April 2009 next to a busy pedestrian route through the park. 

We opened the doors of the Play Pod and did our first play session there a few weeks after it arrived. Out came the precious playful treasure inside, a rope to make a swing, dressing up clothes and other playful bits and pieces. That got us noticed firstly by the CCTV camera which points at the Pod. the CCTV security called the Mile End Park Rangers

''Your container has been squatted and they are there hanging washing out'' they said

''Its okay its the play session'' the Rangers replied. Of course Michael Rowan (Director of Mile End Park) and the team of Rangers knew all about us.

Sessions were after school, children and their parents stopped to play and to tell us stories of what they thought the Pod was ''the place that the tunnel starts'' ''where the animal food is stored'' and most commonly ''do you really live in it''.

Everyone has stopped to play, the safer neighbourhoods team had a go on the swing, children had races in over sized high heels, made bubbles with washing up liquid and a grandmother rediscovered her joy of dressing up and chased her grandchildren around the pod.

This space of Mile End Park just keeps getting more playful, there is now a fallen tree to climb and sit on have a walk through Mile End Park and see how many places you can find to play

October 14th 2011
A story by Eleanor Image about Mile End Park. It is a 'Places' story
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