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Please can we have

There is lots of building work going on around the estates we are working in and scaffolding netting is such a great play resource. ''Please can we have some of your netting'' I asked a builder on St Georges estate ''how much do you want?'' he replied and came back with a whole roll.

Not only is this a free resource that is great for swings and hammocks when attached to trees or railings but it can be a picnic blanket too. But play, and scaffolding netting is always evolving, what was a picnic blanket became the deep blue sea, then a whale which swam around the play space. ''Where can I sit now?!'' asked the whales Mum ''we've got more netting'' replied the Playworker

Thanks to all the generous builders who donate playful bits and pieces


October 14th 2011
A story by Eleanor Image about Play sessions. It is a 'Resources' story
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