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Wheel Power

Wheel Power

On 7th August the PATH playwork team spilled in to Victoria Park and blocked off a large section of the wide path leading to the Hub on the East side of the park,

Ballons and bunting proclaimed that today we were running a roller disco and that for one lucky day children and young people had time and space to try out skates, bikes and scooters. 

Our cycle powered disco was as popular as the skating, there was always a queue for a pedal and our playwork volnteer Tahmina hosted a kicking set of sounds ably helped by older youngsters. We also sent intrepid youngsters off with our treasure hunt of play spaces in the park, that had been researched and compiled by national citizen service volunteers in July.

Local playschemes from Ocean estate and Forest Gate dropped by as well as lots of local families and children from our Keep Playing sessions.

We also had valuable help from another team of young people on their national citizen service who played with the children attending and also made a wonderful film of the event. Our grateful thanks to these young volunteers and their mentors and tutors from The Challenge.


Roller Disco NCS 2014 from Play Association Tower Hamlets on Vimeo.

October 15th 2014
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