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Hay Day Play Day

Hay Day Play Day

Ever since we visited the wonderful straw bale play session at Mudchute Park and Farm last year we've wanted run our own Hay Day.

Mudchute kindly sold us some bales of hay (yes it's different to straw) and Timber Play loaned us a huge pile of their new playbales, which were great fun for the smaller children (and watch the film below to see what the young people did with them)

The sun shone and slowly people came out to join us and the Keep Playing playworkers. We also had a group of 12 young people who were taking part in the national citizen service by doing a couple of afternoons voluntary work with PATH filming and helping out on play activities.

You can see some photos of the day on our Flickr page here

We've two films from the event, the first was made by the PATH development team and the second is a more polished piece from our national citizen service volunteers.

Thank You to Help a Capital Child for funding the playwork hours



National Challenge visit Hay Day 2014 from Play Association Tower Hamlets on Vimeo.

September 24th 2014
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