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Inclusive Playdays in Victoria Park

Inclusive Playdays in Victoria Park
Every child has the right to play and that includes disabled children. 
PATH are running three disability friendly play days at the Hub building in Victoria Park from October 2014 to March 2015.  
Each of the events has a theme. The first is treasure on Saturday 4th October.and we'll have buckets and spades for people to borrow and treasure to bury and find.
We'll start at 11.30 and finish at 4pm. The sessions are designed to be a chance for disabled children, their carers and family to have  a day out in the park to catch up with friends and enjoy some fun in a safe and non judgemental atmosphere. .As well as a 4 dedicated playworkers PATH will also have resources and ideas on hand ready for families to play with and to help them explore the play spaces on the east side of the park. 
There is no need to book in advance and there is no charge for attendance or materials. But do let us know in advance if you want us to keep you back a bag of teasure. 
We also have use of the community room in the Hub Building so you can take a break inside as well. The Hub also has a lovely cafe and accessible toilets.
if you would like to know more please download our information sheet here
See the article on the PATH website here
download a map of Victoria Park and it's faciliites here
To reserve your bag of treasure contact Suzannah Walker
Future Dates
Sat 6th December - Elves
Sat 7th March – Dens
September 17th 2014
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