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Anyone for conkers?

Anyone for conkers?

Farewell summer, you were kind to us with warm days and some exciting storms. Particularly from Hurricane Bertha when we were on camp....

Now we welcome autumn who has immediately given us the present of conkers, the seeds from the horse chestnut tree which all summer long have been hdden away in their spiky shells. 

The Keep Playing Team and the PATH playworkers have been filling their pockets with conkers and having great fun on play sessions attaching them to string and brushing up their conker playing skills.  We suspect some people of practising at home as well!

Unfortunately the children (and mums) seem to be outdoing us at the moment. Hmph time for more practice before the conkers all disappear. 

To make your own conker you will need 

conker, bradawl or strong skewer, shoe lace or strong string 

Make a hole through the centre of the conker using your bradawl or skewer (don't forget to ask an adult to help if you are young)

Thread the string through and fasten the bottom with a know so your conker doesn't drop off

Find someone else to challenge to a game of conkers. 

How to play conkers (basic rules)

Conkers is normally played in a pair. One person holds their conker dangling down from the string, whilst their opponemt has 3 tries at hitting it. Then both swap, The person who wins is the pesron with the non broken conker.There are lots of websites full of rules - read  the Conker World Championship rules here

How to make a super strong conker



September 16th 2014
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