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Keep Camping at Suntrap 2014

Keep Camping at Suntrap 2014

Since our last camp at Suntrap in June 2013 more children have been asking to go camping, and for longer than one night.

Camp projects are expensive but worth every penny so we applied to Henry Smith and were sucessful in the application to buy new tents and torches, to book Suntrap for 2 nights and to have some time to plan, book and run the camp.

The experiences are priceless and what some children liked best are what others liked least, or didn't like at all. Like muddy puddles and squelchy feet, bugs and slugs, the dark nights and and ghost stories.

Safe to say everyone liked the campfire, hot chocolate and marshmallows. We had some rain but the campfire survived, it was windy but it was the tail end of hurricane Bertha and we all survived, in tents!

It was sunny too, we saw a double rainbow, found a four leaf clover and saw a shooting star, well Suzannah saw the shooting star.

The photos are on the Keep Playing in Tower Hamlets Flickr site in the Keep Camping 2014 album

This short video shows some of the zip line fun

Thanks to the funders, Public Health Tower Hamlets, BIG Lottery and Henry Smith



August 22nd 2014
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