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Traditional games at Mile End Childrens Park

Traditional games at Mile End Childrens Park

Thursday August 28th 2.00 - 5.00pm

Traditional games are remembered fondly by adults and still played with enthusiasm by children we meet.

July saw a mile long hopscotch around Mile End, involving lots of local children, adults, some passers by and the local police officer

Playworkers have been out and about over summer with chalk and skipping ropes, at one event adults and children kept the skipping up for 3 hours, trying out old and new songs.

Children have asked for sack races on their estates and the home made Keep Playing hook a duck game has had more use on our camping trip.

So we thought we'd bring all these games together for a session at Mile End Childrens Park because although the end of the summer holidays is approaching PATH will still be out playing.

Come along next week with a family member of friend of any age to enjoy the games and the playful environment of the Childrens Park.

Mile End Childrens Park is on Locksley Street E14 7EJ close to 277 and 309 bus stops and a short walk from Mile End tube

Thanks to our funder - Help a Capital Child

August 21st 2014
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