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Keep Playing at the Olympic park

Keep Playing at the Olympic park

The Keep Playing team are planning a visit to the Olympic Park on Thursday August 21st.

The park has sand, water and fountains to play in as well as climbing features and new green spaces to explore. To plan our trip we need to know how many families would like to come. We can bring picnic blankets, drinks and games for children and playful adults.

We plan to be by the Tumbling bay playground at 1.00pm and can meet people on the way, meet on estates or meet at the playground.

Please call Eleanor at the PATH office on 0207 729 3306, leave me a message with your number if I am not in.

Or text the KP mobile on 07935 743 506 to plan where we will meet. We can walk there, get a bus or meet you at a play space......

August 15th 2014
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