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Glamis Adventure Playground

Glamis Adventure Playground

Glamis Adventure Playground in Shadwell has been a place that children have played since 1970's it closed during 1990's and all the self built play structures were removed. With the arrival of Children's Fund money in 2001 local people were asked what they thought it should be used for, to re-open Glamis as a space for children to play.

In 2002 the gates opened again and the next few years have been spent fundraising and developing the site, building structures both big and small and working inclusively with all children to ensure they have a say and feel at home on the playground. In 2007 Glamis won the London Adventure Playground of the Year Award.

Now Glamis is working hard to find the funding they need to keep the playground open past March 2012. If you have a few thousand to donate get in touch with them on 0207 702 8301

October 10th 2011
A story by Eleanor Image about Shadwell in Glamis Road. It is a 'Places' story.
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