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Back to School

Back to School

The half term holiday is over already.  Which is good news for me as I'll be back in Bethnal Green Academy this Wednesday making ceramic holly leaves with a wonderful class of artists in year 7.

The young artists have observed and drawn holly leaves, designed templates and then cut and decorated their leaves from clay. The leaves have been drying over half term and willl be ready to glaze on Wednesday.

I've been impressed by the quallity of work from the young people and their enthusiasm about the Holly Folly Hide and Seek area in Victoria Park where their work will finally reside.

I'm also hoping that many of them will join myself and two artists to set the leaves in to mosaics on Thurs 4th and Friday 5th April at the Hub Building (by the skate park) in Victoria Park. If you are interested in coming to the mosaics workshops please contact me here and I'll reserve you a place.


February 25th 2013
A story by about Yr 7 Art Class in Bethnal Green Academy. It is a 'Experiences' story.
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