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A real Play Champion

Margaret has lived on Hollybush and Teesdale estate since she was a child and is now a really active and inspiring member of their Tenants and Residents Association. Margaret has worked with different departments in London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council to close a road that split Middleton Green, a local park, into 2 halves. The road attracted dealers, the park had no play equipment and was not used to its full potential.   

The road is now closed, there is some play equipment and a refurbished ball court the park feels safer and is used by more children and young people. Margaret was been instrumental in creating the community garden, a growing space where children play as parents tend their patches and continues to be proactive, speaking up for children's rights to play at meetings and with the landlord Tower Hamlets Homes.


October 10th 2011
A story by Margaret Cox about Hollybush and Teesdale estate. It is a 'Experiences' story
This story is related to Tower Hamlets Homes.
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