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Calling all Play Champions

Calling all Play Champions

Calling all Play Champions for 2013 ideas

January is the time of year to plan ahead. Thanks to Near Neighbours funding we run an afternoon session on Thursdays for parents at Whitehorse Adventure Playground, parents have a go new things and pick up playful ideas and children come to play after school. Here are the parents ideas for the next 4 weeks:

Thursday Jan 17th - we are having a go at sewing, knitting and crochet with support from Nazuma and playworkers who know how to do this.

Thursday Jan 24th - its a bingo session for all ages led by Eleanor using the set my granny left to me.

Thursday Jan 31st - baking and cup cakes we are looking for a someone who knows how to help us.

Thursday Feb 7th - playful games and ideas led by Suzannah.

Get in touch with Eleanor or Suzannah to help us plan further ahead. February half term for example how about a trip out and about in London? We live in a great city, visited by millions every year. We could do a trip on the new cable car, a boat ride on the Thames, check out the rides by London Eye?

Easter holidays start on March 28th and we have the summer holidays to plan and look forward to. 

Last summer busy Play Champions planned and ran picnics, an evening of cooking on the fire at Mudchute farm, silly sport events, Playdays and parties on estates, the Olympicnic at Arnold Circus and perfected the art of making water bombs with paper. What would you like to do this year?



January 15th 2013
A story by Eleanor Image about London and beyond. It is a 'Events' story
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