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Palm trees in Victoria Park

Palm trees in Victoria Park

Happy Playful New Year

Its January and no snow - so far - unlike previous January days when Tower Hamlets parks have been full of children and adults playing, making snow people, having snowball fights, sliding on whatever can be found and generally having lots of snowy fun.

If you are walking through Victoria Park you will see a very unseasonal sight.

Palm Trees in Pools Park Playground! The bright green branches call to you through the other leafless trees, a warming sight on a chilly morning. These are a result of work done by chainsaw artist Dafydd Hughes who has also crafted a canoe which sits in Victoria Park....... somewhere. Read the story about it here

Read about the consulatation for the palm trees here

Why not go and have a walk round the park and see if you can find both pieces, if you would like to get involved with ideas for 2013 get in touch with Suzannah Walker at PATH 0207 729 3306

January 8th 2013
A story by Eleanor Image about Victoria Park. It is a 'Places' story
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