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Museum of Childhood event

Museum of Childhood event

Play Champions visit Museum of Childhood

Thanks to everyone who came to the Museum yesterday to see the Modern British Childhood exhibition. Children and staff from Trailblazers after school club and families from nearby estates joined the Keep Playing team and playworkers to review the exhibition, play board games and do the quiz.

The exhibition spans childhood from 1948 - 2012 we watched a film and read about changes in children's lives during that time, the introduction of the NHS and education act have improved children's health and life chances, tvs are now in every home and children are playing out less.

Photos from 1970's showed children with a photo saying NO to the cane ' what is a cane'  asked a 9 year old, we looked at the cane on display and talked about children's rights and the introduction of article 31 the right to play.

'Children are still hit with a cane in schools in Somalia' her Mum told her we talked about the differences and similarities of childhood in different countries and for the different ages.

'I wish I had kept all my comics' said a comic reader of the 1970's another adult really wanted a chopper bike.

'I really want a blackberry' said one 10 year old and some children loved the telle tubbies while others thought they were scary and horrible.

'I want to take those fuzzy felts out of the display box and play with them now, I used to put mine away so neatly' said a child of the 1950's. 'I have a set of those, they are fairies and things' said a 9 year old.

So some toys are the same and children now have access to more technology. Where is the most exciting place to play was a quiz question a lot of children chose a photo from 1970's showing children jumping off a wall. We know that although there has been a big decline in playing out over the years it is still an essential part of childhood.

'It was really good to come here most of all I liked playing in the sand.' Two hours flew by, adults remembered their play memories and children wanted to stay and play longer in the sand and ride the old rocking horses.

The Play Champion reviewers recommend a visit.

Thanks to Clara for booking us some space we look forward to more playing together.

Modern British Childhood is on until April 2013

November 30th 2012
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