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Playing all over the world

Playing all over the world

Keep Playing all over the world

Charlie / Charlotte used to be out most Tuesdays at the play session often with her little brother. Other children asked when Charlie would be out and were always pleased to see her. So when she told us that she is moving to New Zealand we bought her writing paper and said keep in touch, tell us what New Zealand is like.

Only one month later we got a letter with beautiful stamps all the way from New Zealand. Charlie tells us how she has never seeen so much green and although it is too cold for surfing at the nearby beach she will try riding horses.

I took the letter to the Tuesday play session where some girls were playing......... horses. Rather than riding real horses through green fields these girls had elastic and a tarmac square. We all talked about Charlie and playing all over the world, we wrote back and look forward to the next letter



November 5th 2012
A story by Eleanor Image. It is a 'Places' story
This story is related to Tower Hamlets Homes.
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