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Is it a game of Mummies or Mummy's?

Is it a game of Mummies or Mummy

Autumn event at Wellington estate

Tower Hamlets Homes youth ambassador and Play Champion Gabrielle got in touch with the Keep Playing team to ask for some help organising planning a half term playful event.

Autumn is changing to winter the clocks have gone back and we all still need to play out so celebrating with fire, glow sticks, a home made pinata and some games was planned for the first day of half term in the ball area on the estate also known as The Cage.

Gabrielle got the children to Bethnal Green library the week before to make decorations and made posters and invites to deliver round the estaste. The Keep Playing team turned up to decorate, light fires and play. Thanks to Marianne for organising games and to Gabrielle for all the planning and ideas.

The Mummie or Mummy game involves 2 teams and some toilet roll and an agreed time frame this game was 5 minutes:

The team chooses their Mummy and starts to wrap them

The most covered Mummy wins and then had the first hit of the pinata. I feel a lot warmer said our winning Mummy

See the photos on our flikr site


October 30th 2012
A story by Eleanor Image. It is a 'Experiences' story
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