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Muna wants her children to play out

Muna wants her children to play out

Muna has been bringing her children to the PATH Keep Playing play sessions on St Georges estate throughout the summer of 2011. Originally from Somalia, Muna says that she likes to come to St Georges because it is a lovely garden and that it reminds her of her garden when she lived in Somalia.

Muna also comes to St Georges because she finds the fast cars racing through her estate dangerous for her young children. She also feels that older teenagers take over the play space there and this makes it hard for her children to play.

Muna doesn't keep her children indoors though. She is doing her best to change the fast cars on the estate and has written a letter to her landlord about it. In the meantime she chooses to bring her children over to St Georges.

All this effort makes Muna a Play Champion and we hope she is succesful in reducing the speed of the traffic on her estate as it will have a benefit for all the children on her estate.

October 10th 2011
A story by Eleanor Image about PATH play session in St Georges Estate. It is a 'Experiences' story.
This story is related to Tower Hamlets Community Housing.
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