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Eleanor Goes Back to School

How many schools are there where there is a fire pit in the school playground?

It's a well kept secret but the boys at Cherry Trees school in Tower Hamlets have a purpose built adventure playground. Every day they can dig in the mineshaft climb up the tall ladder, sail the seas in their boat. The fire pit is used most weeks. Eleanor popped in to the school to do a risk assessment of the playground and had a chat to the pupils and staff about Tower Hamlets Play Champions.

Some of the boys are already Play Champions, attending  PATH play sessions and local adventure playgrounds, Weavers and Glamis. We'll be back there soon to get some detailed Play Champions stories from them and the team that work with them.

October 5th 2011
A story by The Keep Playing Team about play area in Cherry Trees School. It is a 'Events' story.
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