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Playful Carvings for Victoria Park

Playful Carvings for Victoria Park

What would you do with these 2 tree stumps by the pools park in Victoria Park?

In late summer a chainsaw carver will be coming to turn them into beautiful play structures. But what should they look like?

How can we make them fun for children?

We've spent the last two days asking children and young people for their ideas. Water has been a key inspiration. Dolphins have been suggested, lots of people like legs poking up from the ground (as if someone or something has dived in). Other suggestions have been a head full of dreams and ideas (thanks Biba), ducks, a swing and one person would like a tunnel that pops up in the sandpit! The tunnel is a little challenging for us to create but what a marvellous suggestion.

We've got photos of all your suggestions and will continue to collect ideas. Take a look here to see the Flickr set of photos so far.

if you would line to know more about the play trail (funded by Heritage Lottery)  that we are making through the park please contact suzannah.

If you would like to tell us a story about the park we'd love to hear about it as well. anyone sat in our canoe yet?

August 10th 2012
A story by about the pools park in Victoria Park. It is a 'Events' story.
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