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Make Your Own Eco Waterbomb

Make Your Own Eco Waterbomb

When the sun is shining it looks like Tower Hamlets children and even the Park Rangers thoughts turn to the same thing - WATERFIGHTS.

The Keep Playing Team think the same way too. So you can imagine Eleanors' surprise when she arrived at the local pound shop one hot day to discover there were no water balloons left!!

Eleanor went back to the PATH office a diappointed  woman " The children on the play sessions will be wanting a waterfight, what can I do? " she asked Suzannah.

Suzannah threw her mind back to the days of her childhood (it took a pretty long time) and remembered the origami waterbombs that her dad used to make for her family in the seventies. Trouble was she couldn't remember how to go about making them. An internet search took minutes and led the Keep Playing Team to a perfect set of instuctions from the Eden Project.

They printed them out and spent a little while working out the folds and then suddenly they got it. To help them remember they taught some of the PATH playworkers how to make the eco waterbombs out of paper from the PATH recycling bin. AND they laminated the instructions to go out in the play kits.

Making your own waterbombs is really fun, paper biodegrades and it's easier to see when you tidy up after your fight, so adults like it too. What's more you can use newspaper so you can save your pennies for something else.

You can download the instructions here. Here are the instructions to make a square from newspaper - you'll need to do that before you start folding. If you see a PATH playworker ask them to help you out if you are having difficulties.

Send us your ideas for waterfights through the Tell Us Your Story Section so that we can add them to the website too.

August 2nd 2012
A story by Suzannah Walker. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story
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