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Pools Park Opens in Victoria Park

Pools Park Opens in Victoria Park

There was a great turn out for the first annual Victoria Park Waterfight and what a fantastic way to celebrate not only the opening of the brand new water play feature but also the first sign of proper sun for the season!  Families from all different walks of life came to cool off,  the rangers providing a whole arsenal of guns, bombs and balloons to help people get involved. All of the new features went down a storm, with toddlers chilling out in the paddling pools to bigger kids taking turn to run over the geyser,  to lounging around in the afternoon sun when it came time to dry. Keep your eyes posted for future events taking place in the park over the Summer!  


You can find out about Free Events over the Olympics in the BT London Live section of the park here


Victoria Park has a website take a look here


Ps from the Keep Playing Team "we don't have any photos of the pools park or the waterfight yet but once we do we'll post them up for all to see"

August 2nd 2012
A story by Victoria Park Rangers about The refurbished Pools Park in Victoria Park. It is a 'Places' story.
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