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Celebration of Play

Join PATH in the February half term to celebrate children's play. This great play session on Wednesday 18th Feb for children and their families will run from 3-5pm in the basement of Oxford House and spill out on to Weavers adventure playground too...
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February 3rd 2015
A story by about Play Celebration in Bethnal Green . It is a 'Events' story.

Playing Naturally

"Wow, I never imagined this was here" exclaimed an amazed mum as she and her children poked their heads around the gate of the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve on Middleton St, E2.   The Keep Playing team spent a lovely afternoon on 10th October i...
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October 15th 2014
A story by about Bethnal Green Nature Reserve in Middleton St. It is a 'Experiences' story.

Wheel Power

On 7th August the PATH playwork team spilled in to Victoria Park and blocked off a large section of the wide path leading to the Hub on the East side of the park, Ballons and bunting proclaimed that today we were running a roller disco and that for...
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October 15th 2014
A story by about Victoria Park in Roller Disco. It is a 'Experiences' story.

Hay Day Play Day

Ever since we visited the wonderful straw bale play session at Mudchute Park and Farm last year we've wanted run our own Hay Day. Mudchute kindly sold us some bales of hay (yes it's different to straw) and Timber Play loaned us a huge pile of their...
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September 24th 2014
A story by about the Playpod in Mile End Park. It is a 'Experiences' story.

Inclusive Playdays in Victoria Park

Every child has the right to play and that includes disabled children.    PATH are running three disability friendly play days at the Hub building in Victoria Park from October 2014 to March 2015.     Each of the eve...
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September 17th 2014
A story by about the Hub buiding in Victoria Park.

Anyone for conkers?

Farewell summer, you were kind to us with warm days and some exciting storms. Particularly from Hurricane Bertha when we were on camp.... Now we welcome autumn who has immediately given us the present of conkers, the seeds from the horse chestnut t...
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September 16th 2014
A story by about playing games in at the Hut. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story.

Can you hop a mile?

Join the PATH playworkers and the Shuffle Film festival to test out your hopscotch skills this summer.  Head over to Maplin St on Saturday July 26th and you will be astounded by an amazing mile long hopscotch chalked out on to the pavement. ...
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July 16th 2014
A story by about Mile Long Hopscotch in Mile End. It is a 'Events' story.
This story is related to East End Homes.

Hopscotch in June

Hop skip and jump your way through June.  The PATH team are encouraging everyone in Tower Hamlets to campaign for play and this month we're suggesting you try out that traditional game Hopscotch.  After some trial bouncing around we'v...
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June 4th 2014
A story by . It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story

Growing Play on housing estates in Tower Hamlets

Play Association Tower Hamlets has been growing play around the borough since being set up in 2001. Over the last few years we have worked with communities and their landlords to develop play friendly attitudes and spaces.   The Keep Playi...
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April 23rd 2014
A story by . It is a 'Resources' story
This story is related to Tower Hamlets Homes.

Fly a kite for play

February has a national kite day in it and this month is perfect  to make the most of the our blustery wind. There is something wonderful about watching a kite bob away in the sky, you can feel your stresses and worries float away. Have a ...
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February 4th 2014
A story by about any windy day in February. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story.

When you need some inspiration

There are times when we all need a little inspiration for things we can do with our children and young people. Below is a list of useful web pages that we compiled for parents at Harry Gosling school when we did some learning through play training ...
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December 9th 2013
A story by about great places you can check out in the world wide web. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story.

The Holly Folly Goes Floral

The Holly Folly is a great place to play and you have to seek it out to play there. Here's a clue to find it; come into the East side of Victoria Park through Crown Gate East and look for a grove of smooth leaved holly trees. Once inside the trees you'...
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November 4th 2013
A story by about the Holly Folly in Victoria Park. It is a 'Places' story.

Pedal Cinema

The Keep Playing Play Champions proved themselves to be fun loving and fit in October when many attended a Cycle Cinema event organised by the Keep Playing team and hosted by Ben Jonson school. Over fifty young people joined the team for an evening...
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November 4th 2013
A story by about the hall in Ben Jonson School. It is a 'Experiences' story.

What's On this Half Term?

There's no shortage of places to go and scary activities to keep you busy this half term  Follow this link for a selection from PATH Tower Hamlets Mumsnet also have a full set  of listings here For parks and play spaces take a loo...
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October 23rd 2013
A story by about Play Projects in across Tower hamlets. It is a 'Events' story.

Family Fun with the Keep Playing Team in Victoria Park

Come and join the Keep Playing Playworkers, Suzannah Walker and Grant Lambie for two afternoons of quirky spooky fun in Victoria Park. Whilst the park rangers are occupied with crafts and pumpkins on the West side of the park PATH will be up to som...
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October 22nd 2013
A story by about East side in Victoria Park.

Great Day Out at Glamis Adventure Playground

Glamis Adventure Playground     Presents on Friday 30th August 2013       An afternoon of arts and crafts with Jacqui Gunn, (artist in residence at Glamis), with puppet workshops, pop-up cardboard sc...
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August 30th 2013
A story by about Glamis Adventure Playground in Shadwell. It is a 'Events' story.

Spitalfields City Farm Play Programme

There are lots of great things to do at Spitalfields City Farm this summer.  Take a look at their programme here  Have a look at their website here ...
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August 15th 2013
A story by about Spitalfields City Farm in Tower Hamlets.

Play Walk Today in Victoria Park

Join us for a playful walk through Victoria Park on Thursday August 8th. See if you can spot some little owls...There are playful things all around Victoria Park, have you seen the palm trees by the paddling pool, a canoe or found any owls sitting...
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August 8th 2013
A story by about Victoria Park in Bethnal Green. It is a 'Events' story.

Ahoy There Pirates

Join our Pirate Ship on the Ocean (estate) The pirate ship will be anchored on White Horse Open Space E1 0ND between 1 to 5pm on Thursday 29th August.  As well as the boat there will be games and fun for all the family.  Please br...
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August 2nd 2013
A story by about a family fun day in Whitehorse open space. It is a 'Events' story.

A Great Day Out in Victoria Park 3rd August

Tower Hamlets favourite destination park is hosting a packed day of entertainment for all the family this Saturday. Take your family and friends down to  Crown Gate East (the Lido Field) between 11-5 and the parks team promise you'll find plen...
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July 22nd 2013
A story by about a family festival in Victoria Park. It is a 'Events' story.

Summer Holiday Events

Keep on checking our Events and Activities sections for places to go and things to try out at home across the summer holidays Please also use the Submit a Story  section to recommend places to go or add your own Play Story of what you've been ...
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July 22nd 2013
A story by about Great things to do in the summer holidays. It is a 'Events' story.

Playful Celebration of Cockney Heritage Festival

Play Past and Present The Keep Playing team and some willing volunteers are running a playful celebration to mark the first ever Cockney Heritage Festival this summer.   On Tuesday 23rd July, come and meet us at the Hub build...
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July 22nd 2013
A story by about Hub building by the Slides Park in Victoria Park. It is a 'Events' story.

Bicycle Swap Shop and More

Wheel your outgrown bike down to Bethnal Green Gardens on Saturday 27th of July between 11am - 1pm and you could be riding home on one that fits you! Local cycle service, Bikeworks will manage the swapping and have mechanics on hand to ensure that ...
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July 22nd 2013
A story by about Bethnal Green Gardens in Bethnal Green. It is a 'Events' story.

Day and Evening of Fun 13th August

Attlee Youth and Community Centre invite local families to join them for a day of playful activities on the 13th August. Although funding has been tight this year, the centre will be opening it's doors for this special family day, thanks to young v...
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July 17th 2013
A story by about Attlee Youth and Community Centre in Thrawl St E1. It is a 'Events' story.

Go Go Go Karts

Sunday saw the children from Dunmore Hut and Weavers Adventure Playground take part in the London Play Go Kart Grand Prix. The track was more bumpy and grassy  than is seen at Silverstone but the fun is shining through on all the photos. Tower...
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June 17th 2013
A story by about Mudchute Park and Farm in the Isle of Dogs. It is a 'Experiences' story.

Dig and Delve - theatre for the Under 7s

Dig and Delve is a 40 minute performance for children aged 3-7.   What can be found through the garden gate? Come and dig, hoe and till in the rich soil in our magical garden where, as the winter turns to spring, a world of exciting advent...
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May 30th 2013
A story by about Half Moon Theatre in Tower Hamlets. It is a 'Events' story.

Do You Love Outdoor Play

In order to Keep Playing it's essential to Love Outdoor Play. This short animation by Play England gives you loads of great reasons why you should play outside as well as some good facts to impress adults with...       ...
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April 29th 2013
A story by about outdoor play in across the country. It is a 'Experiences' story.

Make a Miniature Garden on the Isle of Dogs

If you fancy trying a bit of mini gardening why not  join other keen gardeners at Mudchute Park and Farm to help create  miniature gardens for Mudchutes  Chelsea Flower Show Fringe event. Between the 25th and 31st May 2013 environmen...
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April 23rd 2013
A story by about Mudchute Park and Farm in Isle of Dogs.

Holly Mosaics

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April 8th 2013
A story by about The Hub Building in Victoria Park. It is a 'Places' story.

A Touch of Summer

While you are out and about seeking sunshine and shelter this holiday why not pop in to Victoria Park to check out the Palm trees by the Pools Park and Skate area. The trees were made from design ideas collected over the summer holidays by the Keep...
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April 8th 2013
A story by about The Palm Trees in the Pools Park in Victoria Park. It is a 'Places' story.

Back to School

The half term holiday is over already.  Which is good news for me as I'll be back in Bethnal Green Academy this Wednesday making ceramic holly leaves with a wonderful class of artists in year 7. The young artists have observed a...
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February 25th 2013
A story by about Yr 7 Art Class in Bethnal Green Academy. It is a 'Experiences' story.

Keep Playing in School

Keep Playing are headed in to Bethnal Green Academy this Wednesday. Suzannah will be meeting Miss Austin's year 7 art class to start work on creating tiles for mosiacs for the next PATH project in Victoria Park. ...
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January 22nd 2013
A story by about the year 7 art class in Bethnal Green Academy .

Join Keep Playing in the Museum of Childhood

The Keep Playing Team is very excited to be able to run a session at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. We will be meeting in the basement of the museum on Thursday 29th November from 3.15pm. As well as a chance to meet  Suzannah a...
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November 21st 2012
A story by about a special Keep Playing event in Museum of Childhood. It is a 'Events' story.

Little Changes

It took the two corporate volunteers some time to assemble the little wooden sandpit. In fact some hours. Finally the young women stood back, brushed themselves down and posed with huge proud smiles by the play equipment they had made, on their ow...
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October 9th 2012
A story by about the residents garden in Adelina Grove. It is a 'Experiences' story.

Playful Carvings for Victoria Park

What would you do with these 2 tree stumps by the pools park in Victoria Park? In late summer a chainsaw carver will be coming to turn them into beautiful play structures. But what should they look like? How can we make them fun for children? ...
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August 10th 2012
A story by about the pools park in Victoria Park. It is a 'Events' story.

Arnold Circus Olympicnic

"A  day of discovery and delight"  enthused an attendee of the Arnold Circus Olympicnic event on Sunday 9th July. And we can't disagree with that. The event was a total treat and a real credit to the organisers, Friends of Arnold Cir...
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July 13th 2012
A story by about the Bandstand in Arnold Circus. It is a 'Experiences' story.

Silly Olympics Equestrian Trial

The sun had shone all day. It was 3.30pm and no sign of a rain cloud. The Keep Playing team were all prepared for Silly Olympics in Weavers Fields, grass skis, hula hoops, kit to make horses and origami water bombs were out and ready in anticipation fo...
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July 13th 2012
A story by about Trailblazers After School Club in Weavers Fields. It is a 'Experiences' story.

Champion Events

Come and Join the Keep Playing Team for fun over the summer holidays. PATH playworkers and the Keep Playing team will be out playing in different places 6 days a week throughout the summer. Take a look at the events lined up below W...
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July 5th 2012
A story by about Keep Playing events in Tower Hamlets. It is a 'Events' story.

Meeting the mums and dads at the Tarling Centre

Normally we talk about encouraging risk in children's play rather than safety so we were surprised to be invited to a safety event for under fives in the South West of the borough. The event was organised by local Children's Centres all of whom had bro...
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June 21st 2012
A story by about Tarling Centre. It is a 'Events' story.

Ice Cube Colouring

The PATH mini publication Ring of Ideas, so named because it contains over 60 play ideas on a nice big ring, suggests you try to : Make coloured ice cubes to play with in the bath or sink.  This idea is normally used with small children, but let's...
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May 18th 2012
A story by . It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story

Fire with the Under Fives

Dusk and then dark descended swiftly in the Shacklewell Street Garden. A group of adults and unders fives could be seen drinking hot chocolate and huddling over some tiny fires whilst the smell of bread cooking drifted on to the street to the occas...
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November 30th 2011
A story by about the garden in Shacklewell Street Garden. It is a 'Experiences' story.

Make Your Own Bag from Newspaper

Tower Hamlets has three great city farms, Stepney City Farm, Mudchute Park and Farm and Spitalfields City Farm. They are all child friendly and offer activities and visits throughout the year. City Farms aren't just limited to London, there is ...
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November 15th 2011
A story by about Wherever you like. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story