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Stories about Mile End Park

A pod of possibilites

In Mile End Park between Solebay Bridge and Hamlets Way sits a green container. With no markings or clue to what it is you need to catch it at a certain time to discover its hidden gems. A trampoline, netting to make hammocks, tents, dressing up cl...
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November 13th 2014
A story by Eleanor Image about Mile End Park. It is a 'Places' story

Hay Day Play Day

Ever since we visited the wonderful straw bale play session at Mudchute Park and Farm last year we've wanted run our own Hay Day. Mudchute kindly sold us some bales of hay (yes it's different to straw) and Timber Play loaned us a huge pile of their...
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September 24th 2014
A story by about the Playpod in Mile End Park. It is a 'Experiences' story.

Youth Day in Mile End Park

You can spend a fantastic sport Sunday in Mile End Park!  Join other young people from across East London and play different sports with your friends! Remember, 11th of August from 1pm to 5pm in Mile End Park... Wait to see you there!...
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July 15th 2013
A story by Clara Lopez Torres about My Day,Your Day, Youth Day in Mile End Park. It is a 'Events' story.


I have been involved with planning playful events at Mile End Children's Park since I started working there 4 years ago. I am a Play Champion because I believe there should be more playful places for children as well as Mile End Park which is a really ...
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November 4th 2011
A story by Paul Sammut about Mile End Park. It is a 'Places' story

Play Champion in Mile End Park

Paul Sammut has been working with children in Tower Hamlets for years. He is a great champion for children's play and finds lots of creative things to do on small budgets. This summer Mile End Children's Park had lots of free play events for childr...
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October 20th 2011
A story by Eleanor Image about Children's Park in Mile End Park. It is a 'Places' story.

Play Pod

The Play Pod is a thing of mystery. Looking like a green shipping container or a green tardis it lives in Mile End park next to Solebay bridge. It appeared in April 2009 next to a busy pedestrian route through the park.  We opened the doors of...
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October 14th 2011
A story by Eleanor Image about Mile End Park. It is a 'Places' story