PATH - Working Together for Play.

Community Play in Bethnal Green

A really resident led project, the idea started when in November 2016 a resident called the PATH office to tell us the landlord, Affinity Sutton, had funding for community projects, hurry up and apply for play sessions and engagement!  

We were pleased to be awarded funding and in April 2017 had our first engagement session, asking families what days is best for their play session. The choice was Friday and at the first session in May 20 children turned up full of ideas and ready to play.

PATH believes children should be able to play every day, close to home and for that to happen we need to involve adults too. So we can offer training for adults who want to remember their play to share new skills. 

Now the project has ended, we've had some amazing sessions, lots of parents stay and play, chat and learn new skills. Children and parents have tried new things, from bath bombs to games you can put in your pocket and circus skills. With the play resources budget we want children to choose the resources that will be shared and accessed by the community from the little local hall.

When it was hot in June boxes became paddling pools and parents have told us about different games they played as children. 'Their childhood is a special time, we should get out and play with them more, its fun for us too'' said a Dad as he turned the skipping rope for a group of girls including his daugther. 

''Children are making more friends and its nice to be out more'' said a Mum who comes out with her children most weeks. 

Playworkers bring new games and ideas each week, simple things that can be done by children and their parents on different days. Chalk is always popular, not just for hopscotch but painting and a game Mirror Me that one of the team found online.