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Increase Government funding for children

Today over 120 children's organisations have united to urge the government to stop "ignoring children" and to put them at the heart of spending plans. Organisations from health, education, social care, poverty and disability backed the letter, which says 'there is compelling evidence that the services and support that children and young people rely on are at breaking point. We believe this is because children and young people are being ignored in the government's spending plans." It cites the impact on children, including the issue of holiday hunger, with three million children now at risk of going hungry during school holidays.
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Play England has long been arguing that increased government funding is needed to reverse cuts to public services, including staffed play
provision, which offers a unique and vital support to our most vulnerable children. Play England has been organising roadshows to help shape a Manifesto for Play, which will be launched in the near year. Reversing cuts and rolling out playable neighourhoods are key demands.

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