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Children's Commissioner calls for more play

A new report from the Children's Commissioner for England called Playing Out sets out facts and figures showing how children are playing less and gives ideas on how to change that. 

Playworkers have always advocated for children's play, in all the different places and spaces in which that happens, this report goes further than others that focus only on physical activity and does talk about imagination, creativity and expression. It talks about Holiday Hunger and how there needs to be more play spaces in disadvantaged areas. it asks children what they need to help them play out more and some of the answers are, more varied activities and having an adult around, as a playworker I read that as an Adventure Playground.

Its a shame that APG's are not mentioned but alongside other activities, like play streets, estate based projects and a better strategic approach to play from government, Adventure Playgrounds are an essential part of improving play for children.

Download and read the report here and if you'd like to support PATH to raise the profile of play and the play projects and spaces we have in Tower Hamlets contact the PATH team on 07966 396 115.