PATH - Working Together for Play.

Celebrating 75 years of Adventure Playgrounds

August is a great month for play, longer days with no school, Playday and this year lots of sun and blue skies.

Now PATH is based at Whitehorse Adventure Playground in Stepney we've made the most of the hot weather, with a new sand space, lots of water play and stretchy hammocks for relaxing.

Thanks to the building site next door we've got lots of pallets and cable reels which have been used for dens, tables, sew saws and additions to pirate ships, to name but a few.

On August 15th playgrounds in UK and beyond celebrated 75 years of Adventure Playgrounds since the creation of the first site, Emdrup in Denmark known then as the Junk Playground opened.

This web site has pulled together some history and articles about Adventure Playgrounds from then to now, have a read and if you are lucky enough to have an Adventure Playground near you go and play, see how you can support your local site and look forward to 75 more years.