PATH - Working Together for Play.

About PATH

Play Association Tower Hamlets (PATH) ensures that all activities undertaken are aimed at our primary beneficiaries, the children and young people of Tower Hamlets. However, we have seen the impact our work brings to an increasing number of secondary beneficiaries, parents/adults and the wider community living in the borough.


Our aim is healthier, happier children playing in improved environments brought about through active citizens working together.

Our mission is to place play firmly at the heart of community life in Tower Hamlets and to include play where it is missing.
We believe play is not periphery; it is essential, to the overall well being and development of every child.  
Children thrive on play and simply seeing them playing on the streets and open spaces outside their homes, is a sure sign of a healthy, vibrant community.  

We work with communities, bringing them together, through play, to bring about a positive and lasting change.

For an overview of the financial side of the organisation find us on the Charity Commission website here, look for us under the reference: 1110356 - PLAY ASSOCIATION TOWER HAMLETS